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Why do reptiles have it in for Miami Dolphins’ Laremy Tunsil?

Dolphins left tackle Laremy Tunsil would love to show the gator in his back yard the way to get lost. (Getty Images)

DAVIE — This season, Dolphins left tackle Laremy Tunsil will have to deal with Falcons, Ravens, Panthers and Broncos. And he’s fine with blocking them.

That doesn’t mean he’s eager for more close encounters with South Florida’s animal population.

It was bad enough that Tunsil had a Monitor lizard at least 4 feet long living in his back yard last year. Tunsil was happy to bid farewell to the critter when he moved, since Monitors can be aggressive and their bites painful.

But his new back yard is populated, too.

“Baby gator,” Tunsil said. “Not that big at all.”

But Tunsil wonders, “If it’s a baby gator, where’s the mother and the dad at? You know what I’m saying?”

Overhearing this, fellow offensive lineman Sam Young said, “Gators don’t take care of their young like that.”

Tunsil, persistent: “So where’s the mom and dad? You still didn’t answer my question.”

Young: “It’s not like a bear.”

Tunsil grew up in Lake City, Fla., where most of the time, the wildest thing he’d encounter was a frog. He has no clue why nature suddenly finds him attractive.

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Source:: Palm Beach Post